Patricia Carpenter

Born in Toronto ON, Patricia had three brothers who she cared for and loved. She was nurturing as well as being a leader, teaching  her brothers important lessons about bravery. Patricia’s son, Dakota, was only 6 weeks old when she was killed, but in her 6 weeks with him she dedicated herself to loving Dakota and giving him the best. 


“It was like she went from 13 - 30”. This is the transformation Patricia’s mother saw in her when she became pregnant at the tender age of 13. Patricia had always taken care of her brothers and now she was facing the challenge of a lifetime, raising a child of her own. This strong, bold and maternal young woman was proud to be a mother and ready to give her son everything she could. But on September 25th 1992, the life of a vibrant young woman was taken and a child’s mother was stolen. Patricia’s short documentary follows her journey towards motherhood and the potential

which her young life had. 

Patricia's Case remains open with the Toronto Police, Case # 1992-0164159. To report a crime please call 416-808-2222, anonymously with Crime Stoppers at 416-222-TIPS (8477), or file a report on-line.