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Sonya baa Nadine Mae Cywink

Sonya grew up in Birch Island with 11 other siblings. She was thoughtful and a natural leader who put others first. Sonya loved to write and had dreams of becoming a flight attendant.

She was a loving sister who shared laughter and warmth with her friends and family.

Twenty-six years have passed and justice for Sonya baa Nadine Mae Cywink seems like it will arrive anytime now. We hold out hope that out there lies the truth about the person(s) responsible for her premature death. Perhaps someone who may hold answers will come forward, realizing, 26 years later they have daughters or granddaughters who will benefit from the truth. The Ontario Provincial Police have been working tirelessly to solve her murder and we as First Nations need to stay vigilant as well. Sonya has become our passion and we will never give up hope that one day justice will prevail.

This story is about Anishinaabe kwe Sonya Nadine Mae and her unborn child. As the 26th anniversary of Sonya’s passing comes full circle we want to bring awareness to our youth, our leaders of tomorrow. We want people to understand the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, not as statistics but as people who lived are loved.

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Sonya baa Nadine Mae Cywink

Sonya baa Nadine Mae Cywink

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